Yahoo Boyz , The Result Of Failed Parenthood In Nigeria


Yahoo boys activities is on the rise in Nigeria, most especially in the recent time. It has as a matter of fact gone beyond the traditional scamming of innocent people’s hard earned money, today yahoo plus( rituals to back up cyber crime) is what an average yahoo boy wants to do.

The most excruciating thing in the whole of this menace, is the involvement of teenagers, teenagers that should be under the roof of their parents, who should still be receiving proper home upbringing training.


Teenagers as young as 17, 16, 15, are actively involved in yahoo in virtually every nok and crannies of the country.

But then, who is to be blamed? Are the parents responsible? Is the society a factor in this whole situation?

Well, some parents may claim they’ve done their best in giving thier children the good life they deserve, note! Good life here refers to proper and sound upbringing. But that is actually far from the reality on ground.

Parents of this era to a great extent have lost touch with the tools employed in the grooming of kids. We are now in a society where parents defend every misdeeds of their children, even though we use to know in the past, that parents would further scold, if not beat their kids for an act the society have scolded them for.

As a kid my mother would beat me for a misdeed which i have previously been punished for, by our neighbour. This doesn’t mean she hates me, but it a grooming that shaped my life, and obviously anyone who had such experience would agree with me.

We have found ourselves in an era where a lot of parents don’t even question the source of money their children bring home. At such tender age kids are expected to be in school trying to catch up with education.

However, instead of questioning these kids, parents welcome them, by accepting expensive gifts with a smile and a heart that says, yes! My son is doing well in life.

Parents of these era, have the mindset of the country’s economy is biting hard, hence survival is the aim, and if our kid is the source of that survival then what’s the big deal? As long as the aim is achieved, the means through which it is achieved doesn’t count. I mean like seriously?

Similarly, the nonchalant attitude of many parents towards providing for their kids can’t be ruled out. We have come to see for ourselves situations where fathers acts irresponsibly in the discharge of their duties and responsibilities as fathers.

This alone, have pushed many teenagers into the quest to make money and live the lives their fathers or parents have failed to give them.

When it comes to advice, a lot of parents are found wanting, many parents shy away from having a face-to-face talk with their kids. How often do parents emphasis to their kids these days the virtue of patient in acquiring any material wealth of life? I leave that for you to answer.

I have personally heard of parents who pressurised their kids in to making money, even if yahoo method has to be applied. Do these parents lack conscience? Are they far away from the understanding the pain of the victims?

My never-ending question is this? If this generation is faced with such hurly burly, what is the fate of the upcoming generation?

Let me hear your opinion on this matter.

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