Ukraine In Pictures: Russia Missile Sparks Fire In Civilian Residential Apartments, Others


An apartment in Ukraine has been hit by missiles fired by Russian military sparking a wild fire in the building populated by civilians.

Although there are no official reports on the number of casualties, but videos show Fire Service operatives putting off the flame.

Ukraine forces have also captured Russian soldiers as prisoners of war, the country’s Interior Minister, Anton Gerashchenko, said on Thursday.

Posting their pictures via his official Facebook page, Gerashchenko urged mothers living in Russia to protest President Vladimir Putin’s orders which has resulted in the bombardment of parts of Ukraine leading to casualties.

“Russians ! Wives And Mothers ! Your husbands and sons are dying In Ukraine now! Get out on the streets ! Stop the insane Putin !He’s starting a Third World War!,” he stated.


Ukraine is currently witnessing attacks affecting both sides especially the capture of “the first Russian soldiers”, civilian casualties, falling military equipment and shelling of structures.

Meanwhile, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has condemned Russia’s attack on Ukraine.


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