Sen.Abaribe Replies Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu.

I don’t want to join issues with you because I have integrity to protect. Abaribe tells Orji Uzor kalu over slamming him unproductive senator….

Enyinnaya Abaribe has said he is not a man with a loud mouth, if anyone should say he is not performing it shouldn’t be OUK.

Abaribe said a serial betrayal without any trace of integrity shouldn’t come close to him with productive and unproductive words. I have spent a lot of years in the senate yes I admit that but it worth it because I am known for standing for those I went to represent.

You governed Abia and laid a failed foundation which resulted me leaving your government. Now you are in the senate with the help of Hon Uche Ogah and deputy chief whip of reps Hon Nkeiruka Onyejeocha what have you done differently? Without this two people you wouldn’t have won ordinary your LGA. Hope its because you have been working that was why you have been failing till the rescue mission of Hon Uche Ogah and Hon Nkeiruka Onyejeocha.

Mentioned one person who have been the one making me to win my elections in my constituency? Are you saying my constituency voted me because I don’t perform and Abia North rejected you since you left Governorship position and have been contexting the seat of senate because of your over performance?

Can Hon Uche Ogah trust you as one he worked with? Can Hon Nkeiruka trust you? Can Abia North trust you? Can your party trust you? Can you ask this same questions to me? You already know the answers.

How many people have you helped as a chief whip of the Senate. Your people will come to Abuja and get stranded and you push them to my office as if I am representing Abia North. Hope they do get back to you to inform you that what you failed to do for them I did it for them to show you I am representing igboland you have failed to do.

Those encouraging you to fight me have not finished fighting their people. Now is not time of fight ourselves but time to fight those fighting us. Prepare an Abia son was illegally adopted by Nigeria government. You claimed to have contact with Nigeria government and you are loyal to them and Abaribe is not loyal to them, go and release our son so that we clap for you. Prove you see integrity in others for once, We are at Abuja to represent him too. Speak as a chief whip of the Senate.

Those people you defend and rush home to fight Abaribe are defending bandits and kidnappers, herdsmen etc so defend your own who you know he is innocent of all the accusations levelled against him.

This Unproductive Abaribe will win you in any context even in your Abia North and anything else. Go to DSS office and check our son, I know you will shift it to me the way you shift your responsibilities to me to handle and I do handle them well. Definitely I will handle this one with you or without you.

Those in my constituency are in the position to measure my performance and score me. I can’t betray my constituency for cheap contracts and enslave them. You can do that to Abia North I won’t do that in my Abia South. Face your constituency for I have caved an indelible mark for my self and won’t roll inside gutters with you

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