Russia vs Ukraine: Time To Fight Back Has  Come  -President Zelensky


President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky has said it’s time for Ukrainians to go offensive against Russia.

Zelensky urged Ukrainians to continue fighting because they had “withstood the blow” of Russia’s invasion.

He made the call while delivering his speech at Kyiv on Saturday night.

Zelensky maintained that the time had come for them to launch a fightback.

He urged Ukrainians to drive out evil from the country.

“You need to go out and drive this evil out of our cities,” he said.

This is coming when the United States, US, officials are discussing with Poland over the possibility of providing Ukraine with a number of MiG fighter jets.

The war, which entered the 11th day, has seen Russian forces capturing one major Ukrainian city, Kherson.

The Russian forces are, however, still advancing towards Kyiv.

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has insisted that the operation is “going according to plan.”

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