Russia Has Lost 146 Tanks , 26 Helicopters Says Ukraine


The Ukrainian  ministry of defence  has reported that no fewer than  146 Tanks , 26 Helicopters have been destroyed since the war started.


There are similar reports by the Ukrainian Military that more than 4300  Russian troops   have been killed by the Ukrainian forces since the invasion began on February 27th.

With all these victories reported against Russia, there are little or no details concerning the impact of the war on the Ukrainians, especially regarding their losses to the Russian military.

Are the Russians fighting a lost cause, or are they reluctantly refusing to release details concerning the loss encountered by the Ukrainian military amid the war raging in Ukraine?
How many armored vehicles, planes, troops, and equipment have the Ukrainian military lost to the Russian military amid the invasion of Ukraine?

These are some of the unanswered questions associated with the ongoing war in Ukraine.

What is your take on this development and the current situation in Ukraine?

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