Owa Monarch Play Host To Nri Kingdom


His Majesty ,Obi Dr. E O Efeizomor 11 JP OON, the Obi of Owa played host recently to the delegation from Eze Nri Kingdom in Anaocha local government areas of Anambra state.

Prince Ikenna Onyeso , the regent of Nri Kingdom led the delegation.

TheΒ  royalties discussedΒ  areas of mutual interest and how to move the kingdoms forward.

Owa Kingdom and Nri Kingdom have maintained cordial relationship since the reign of Obi Efeizomor 11, the incumbent Obi of Owa majorly because history has it that Owa Kingdom has historical link with Nri Kingdom several years ago.

It’s an established fact that the founder of Ute moved from Nri .

Obi Odogwu, the founder of Owa Kingdom was a Crown Prince of Ute. He was executing war for the Oba of Benin, in the great Benin Kingdom when his father, the king of Ute joined his ancestors , he returned home to know that his younger brother, Prince Okpu has been crowned king. Rather than cross sword with his brother, Odogwu moved to establish his own kingdom, in the present day Owa Kingdom.

The origin of Nri is Egypt about two centuries ago. Nri, is currently in Anambra state in Nigeria, a source of Igbo nation.

The family tree of Nri was traced from the origin of Abraham who was the favourite child of God.

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