Fully Vaccinated Florida Man Dies From COVID-19

… family urges everyone ‘not let down your guard’

The wife of a fully-vaccinated, North Palm Beach man who died from COVID-pneumonia is urging everyone to “not let down your guard,” regardless of their vaccination status.

Vincent Konidare died on Sep. 19, after initially testing positive for COVID-19 on Aug. 2. His wife, Jaime Konidare, said he had no preexisting conditions. Vincent Konidare received the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in March.

What started as a cough ended up with Konidare being put on a ventilator. After a more than month-long battle with COVID-19, doctors at Palm Beach Gardens Medical Center told Jaime Konidare that her husband was no longer able to get oxygen through any means.
“They called us and said, ‘You know, we just can’t give him any more oxygen. He’s getting 100% and he’s failing,’ and at that point, we all went to the hospital and we got there just in time to say goodbye,” Jaime Konidare said.

She continued, “I just want people to know: This was a great guy. He was an amazing husband, an amazing father, he was a beautiful, handsome, strong, healthy, kindhearted guy who was loved by so many people. The outpouring of love just never stopped.”

A proud father and husband, Vincent Konidare loved riding his motorcycle, being near the ocean, and going on vacations with his family. His wife also said he loved the mountains and watching sunsets.

In addition, he loved America. Jaime Konidare said one of the last texts she received from her husband was him in the hospital asking her to lower their American flag in honor of the 13 U.S. service members killed in Afghanistan in August.

“It’s unimaginable grief,” said Jaime Konidare. “We have just this incredible village of people who have surrounded us, picked us up when we needed to be picked up.”

Jamie Konidare met her husband in 1985 at the Palm Beach Post, where he worked for 36 years.

“He was just a wonderful guy. He was funny. He was sweet. He was generous, honest, loyal – everything that a woman could possibly want in a man, he was. A great father. When he worked at the Palm Beach Post, he was a great manager,” said Jaime Konidare. “(Staff at the Palm Beach Post) loved him. He got the job done. He was very stern, but he was fair and he respected and loved them, so he was a great guy.”

Now, Vincent Konidare’s family is left with his memories, as well as questions, like how a man they say had no preexisting conditions and was fully vaccinated could die from COVID-19.

“He did what he was told to do. He was trying to protect his family and he just felt it was the right thing to do and he felt that if he got COVID he would not die, that (the vaccine) would save him from what ultimately happened to him,” Jaime Konidare said.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that as of Oct 4, out of the more than 185,000,000 fully vaccinated Americans, 6,617 people died from COVID-19. That amounts to one out of every 25,000 fully vaccinated Americans having a deadly breakthrough case. The majority of those deadly breakthrough cases are people older than 65 years old, but Vincent was 58.

None of the companies offering the vaccine, including Johnson & Johnson, has claimed at any point to have a vaccine completely effective at preventing COVID-19 deathys..

Jamie Konidare now has the following message to everyone in the community, regardless of their vaccination status:

“I would tell that person to go ahead and get vaccinated, because I still feel like it’s the right thing to do, but to not let down your guard. You still need to wear your mask. You still need to stay away from super spreader events and follow all the other guidelines because it’s not a guarantee that you will not get sick,” Konidare said.

Vincent Konidare leaves behind his wife and two children.

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